Recommended Mobile Photography Gear

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Selfie Stick Tripod

Even though the main purpose of a selfie stick is to click selfies, it can also be used very effectively to reduce camera shake in your normal mobile shots. When the stick is fully retracted, you can hold it and mount the phone on the bracket on the top. This provides a lot of stability in shooting since your hands don't touch the phone. These sticks come with a remote which is attached to the body. Using bluetooth, the remote connects to the phone and is used as a shutter button, making the whole job hands-free.

External Macro Clip-on Lens

An external Macro clip-on lens is very important because even if your phone has a built-in Macro camera/lens, it still won't produce a high quality image since these built-in cameras offer lesser megapixels. But when you use an external lens, it is attached on top of the main camera/lens of the phone, thereby allowing you to shoot at the highest megapixel capacity of the phone.

External Wide-Angle Clip-on Lens

Similar to the point above, an external wide-angle lens can not only allow you to shoot wider than what your phone allows, but it also allow you to shoot at a higher megapixel capacity since the built-in wide-angle lens of the phone offers less megapixels.

Waterproof Pouch for Mobiles

A waterproof pouch can be used in shooting during rains, on beaches and also for underwater shooting.

Gimbal Stabilizer for Mobiles

If you plan to make videos while the camera is moving, then using a Gimbal is very important to stabilize the footage. Gimbals come for both phones and cameras.

PVC Backdrops

PVC backdrops are great for doing Food and Product photography because they replicate the effect of wooden surfaces. They are also easily portable and are very durable. Using these fake designs also saves you a lot of money.

Godox SL60W Video Light

A video light is the best option for a beginner food or product photographer. That's because it is easier to use than strobe lights (flash) and also because it enables you to do food or product photography using any camera like a DSLR, Mirrorless or Phone.

Godox 80 cm Softbox With Grid

A softbox will help you to soften the light that comes from the light. It is also essential to buy a softbox that comes with a grid because the grid will help you to make the light more directional. This will avoid any light spill and help you get some really dramatic looking shots in which most of the light is only concentrated on the item that you are shooting.

42 inch Reflector Holding Arm

A reflector holding arm is very important because it makes you hands-free and it also allows you to position the reflector or the diffusion panel at any angle.

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