Recommended Off-Camera Flash and Accessories

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Godox Off-Camera Flashes

Godox is the number one brand when it comes to off-camera flashes. It is difficult to name just one model since things keep on changing. Some of the best selling Godox flashes include the TT685 series, v860 series and the AD Pro series. The number one thing to look out for when you purchase an off-camera flash is that it should have TTL (Through-the-lens) metering, which means the flash has the ability to automatically adjust the output power based on the ambient lighting you are shooting in.

Godox Triggers

When you buy an off-camera flash from any brand, you will also need a trigger device to fire the flash. The trigger goes on top of the cameras hot shoe. One of the most popular triggers by Godox is the X1-T. It is recommended that you do some research to make sure the trigger you buy is compatible with the flash you are using.

Godox 80 cm softbox for off-camera flash


When you are using the flash off-camera, you will need a softbox to diffuse the harsh light. This 80 cm softbox is a very good choice as it is large enough to diffuse the light and small enough for easy portability.

Mini-softbox diffuser for off-camera flash

When the flash is mounted on the camera, it is not possible to use a large softbox like the one we saw before. In this case, you can use a mini-softbox diffuser. But a better option is always to tilt the head of flash and bounce the light off a wall or ceiling if possible.

Bowen Mount Flash Bracket

A Bowen Mount Flash bracket is very useful when it comes to mounting the large softbox like the one we saw before. The bracket goes on top of a light stand and the softbox attaches to the mount. The flash goes through the middle of the bracket. If you only plan to use a shoot-through umbrella and not a soft-box, then even a normal umbrella bracket can do the job.

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