AI Video Editing and Production Course

Learn How to Use the Power of the Latest AI Video Software for One Click Video Editing and Production


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Course Content (42 Videos)


  • Introduction to the Course

  • What is AI Video Editing and Production?

  • The Sample Project Video We Will be Using
  • Going Through Our Project Video

Using Wisecut AI for Video Editing

  • Getting Start With Editing Our Video Using Wisecut
  • Noting the Errors Made by AI During the Edit
  • Using the Storyboard to Correct the Errors
  • Going Through Some Additional Settings and Exporting the Video
  • Is Wisecut AI Worth it?

Using Opus Clip AI for Video Editing and Production

  • Signing up for Opus Clip AI
  • Uploading the Video and Understanding the Settings
  • Editing the Snippet Videos Using the Opus AI Editor
  • Looking at Some Final Settings for Sharing the Video
  • Is Opus Clip AI Worth it?

Adobe AI Speech Enhancer

  • Using Adobe AI Speech Enhancer to Get Professional Sounding Audio

Using Invideo AI for Text Prompt to Video Generation

  • Getting Started With Invideo AI
  • Using a More Complex Prompt – Part 1
  • Using a More Complex Prompt – Part 2
  • Editing the Video by Changing Media and Script
  • Exporting the Video
  • Is Invideo AI Worth it?

Using HeyGen AI for AI Avatar Creation

  • Introduction to AI Avatars
  • Creating an AI Avatar Video – Part 1
  • Creating an AI Avatar Video – Part 2
  • Exporting the Video
  • Is HeyGen AI Worth it?

Using Descript AI for Script-based Video Editing

  • Getting Started With Descript AI
  • Trimming Unwanted Parts via the Script
  • Fine-Tuning the Edit and Adding B-Roll Footage
  • Adding Background Music and Using the Auto Ducking Feature
  • Adding an Intro Title Scene With AI Voice Over
  • Is Descript AI Worth it?

Using Flickify AI to Convert Article Into Video

  • Getting Started With Flickify AI
  • Fine-Tuning the Video by Changing media and Adding an Avatar
  • Exporting the Video and Finding Out of Flickify AI is Worth it or Not

Using Animaker AI to Create Animated Videos

  • Getting Started With Animaker
  • Creating Scenes and Avatars
  • Using the Editing Timeline
  • Creating a Voice Over for the Video
  • Syncing the Voice Over with the Scenes
  • Is Animaker Worth it?


  • One Important Point to Remember About AI Video Software

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