Capcut Video Editing Course

Learn how to create and edit videos for social media usage using this completely free video editing software


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Course Content (24 Videos)

Introduction to Capcut

  • • Welcome to this Course
    • Some Amazing Things About Capcut
    • How to Download and Install the Capcut PC (Desktop) App
    • Understanding the Capcut User Interface and Some Important Settings
    • Details of our Project Video

Getting Started With Our Project Video

  • • Creating a New Project and Importing the Assets
    • Understanding the Requirements for Our Project
    • Changing the FPS (Frames Per Second) Setting in Capcut
    • Developing a Video Editing Workflow

Editing the Video

  • • Changing the FPS (Frames Per Second) Setting in Capcut
    • Developing a Video Editing Workflow
    • Changing the Aspect Ratio and Syncing the Video & Audio
    • 4 Different Ways to Trim and Split the Video
    • Trimming the Video Down to the Required Length
    • Adding the B-Roll Footage and Overlay Image
    • How to Find Free B-Roll Footage for Free
    • Understanding How Keyframes Work in Capcut
    • Adding Keyframes to Create a Custom Movement
    • Adding Animations, Effects and Transitions – Part 1
    • Adding Animations, Effects and Transitions – Part 2
    • Adding the Sound Effects
    • Adding the Music Track
    • Adding Captions Using the Auto-Captions Feature
    • Exporting the Video
    • Templates and Syncing Missing


  • Conclusion – Capcut VS Premiere Pro

How to access this course?

This course is available via as we host all our courses there.

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About your trainer

Hey there. This is Kush Sharma, your instructor for this course.

I am the founder here at Creative Pad Media, an organization dedicated to simplifying photography, videography and editing education, and providing it in the most affordable fashion.

I have been teaching since 2013. My online courses have been downloaded in over 170 countries.

I hope to see you inside the course!


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