Midjourney AI Crash Course

Want to learn how to use Midjourney AI to generate amazing art-work and photorealistic images? This is the course for you!


Available via Udemy.com

Course Content (35 Videos)

Introduction to the Course and Setting up Midjourney

#1 – Important Things to Know Before We Start
#2 – Starting the Process of Setting Up Midjourney and Discord
#3 – Installing and Signing up for Discord
#4 – Signing up for Midjourney and Adding it to Discord

Starting Off With Using Basic Prompts

#5 – Creating Our First Prompt to Create the First Image
#6 – Creating Our Second Image and Upscaling it
#7 – Creating Our Third Image and Using the Variation Function

Creating Our Own Private Space in Discord

#8 – Creating a Private Space to Work by Creating Our Own Server & Adding Midjourney

Knowing Some Helpful Commands and Functions in Midjourney

#9 – Some Helpful Commands in Midjourney

Understanding Privacy and Commercial Usage

#10 – Important Things to Know About Privacy and Commercial Usage in Midjourney

Advanced Prompting – Learning About the 6 Elements of Prompting

#11 – Element #1 – Subject
#12 – Element #2 – Style
#13 – Element #3 – Lighting
#14 – Element #4 – Composition
#15 – Element #5 – Color and Effects (Filters)
#16 – Element #6 – Parameter

Using All the Elements to Create a Breathtaking Image

#17 – Using All the Elements to Create a Breathtaking Image

Walkthrough of the Midjourney Browser App

#18 – Understanding the Importance of the Midjourney Browser App
#19 – Important Points to Know Before We Move Further

Advanced Commands and Functions in Midjourney

#20 – Using the Blend Command to Combine Multiple Images
#21 – Generating Images From Other Images Using the Imagine Command
#22 – Using the Image Weight Parameter
#23 – Using the Describe Command
#24 – Using the Prefer Option Set Function to Make Prompting Easier

Important Settings in Midjourney

#25 – The Stylize and RAW Settings
#26 – Low Variation Mode vs High Variation Mode
#27 – Turbo Mode vs Fast Mode vs Relax Mode
#28 – The Remix Mode
#29 – Resolution and Vary (Strong) vs Vary (Subtle)
#30 – Vary (Region)
#31 – Zoom Out and Other Remaining Settings
#32 – The Light Upscale Ratio and Beta Upscale Ratio Setting in Midjourney Version 4

Using Midjourney With Third-Party Apps

#33 – Using Midjourney with Insightface Face Swap App to Swap Faces in Portraits
#34 – Upscaling Midjourney Images Using Third Party Software

Conclusion – A Glimpse of Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion and Adobe Firefly

#35 – Midjourney vs Dall-E 2.0 vs Stable Diffusion vs Adobe Firefly

How to access this course?

This course is available via Udemy.com as we host all our courses there.

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