PicsArt Photo Editing Course

Want to learn how to use the PicsArt mobile app to edit your photos? This is the course for you!


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Course Content (25 Videos)

Introduction to the Course

#1 – Some Important Points Before We Start

Editing the First Image (Creating a Dramatic Portrait)

#2 – Part 1 – Cropping, Masking and Basic Adjustments
#3 – Part 2 – Basic Adjustment Settings and Saving a Picsart Project
#4 – Part 3 – Cloning and Lens Flare
#5 – Part 4 – Adding a Vignette and Watermark

Editing the Second Image (Cutting & Replacing Background and Basic Retouching)

#6 – Part 1 – Using the Cut Out Tool to Replace Background
#7 – Part 2 – Using the Draw Tool and Blemish Removal Tool

Editing the Third Image (Using Blending Modes to Replace the Sky in Landscapes)

#8 – Part 1 – Understanding the Concept of Blending Modes
#9 – Part 2 – Understanding the Concept of Blending Modes
#10 – Part 3 – Applying Blending Modes and Masking in Picsart

Editing the Fourth Image (Creating a Face Text Portrait by Using Blending Modes)

#11 – Part 1 – Cutting Out The Subject From the Background
#12 – Part 2 – Using the Draw Tool to Blend in the Word Cloud on the Face
#13 – Part 3 – Creating Your Own Custom Word Cloud

Editing the Fifth Image (Retouching Portraits)

#14 – Part 1 – Correcting the Skin Color by Removing Unwanted Color Cast
#15 – Part 2 – Blemish Removal and Skin Tone Correction
#16 – Part 3 – Smoothening the Skin in the Correct Way
#17 – Part 4 – Using Face Fix, Hair Color and Eye Color Functions
#18 – Part 5 – Using the Detail Function to Add Sharpness and Using the Reshape Tool

Editing the Sixth Image (Removing the Background in a Challenging Portrait)

#19 – Part 1 – Understanding the Concept & Approach of Removing a Complex Background
#20 – Part 2 – Creating a Solid Black and White Version of the Portrait
#21 – Part 3 – Creating an Inverted Image From the Last Step & Changing the Background
#22 – Part 4 – Refining the Selection and Background to Get the Final Result

Editing the Seventh Image (Creating a Dramatic and Cinematic Image)

#23 – Part 1 – Using the Cloning Tool and Replacing the Sky
#24 – Part 2 – Using the Clarity Tool & Matching the Hue of the Sky and the Foreground
#25 – Part 3 – Using the Technique of Dodge and Burn To Add a Dramatic Effect

How to access this course?

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About your trainer

Hey there. This is Kush Sharma, your instructor for this course.

I am the founder here at Creative Pad Media, an organization dedicated to simplifying photography, videography and editing education, and providing it in the most affordable fashion.

I have been teaching since 2013. My online courses have been downloaded in over 170 countries.

I hope to see you inside the course!


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