Studio Photography Course

Want to learn studio photography and set up a budget studio in your house? This is the course for you!


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Course Content (31 Videos)

Introduction to the course 

About me (Your Trainer) and Some Important Information

Introduction to a Budget Home Studio

Understanding a Strobe Light 

Understanding a Strobe Light – Part 1

Understanding a Strobe Light – Part 2

Understanding Modifiers 

Understanding a Modifier – Part 1 (Softbox and Umbrella)

Understanding a Modifier – Part 2 (Hard Light and Soft Light)

Understanding the Backdrop 

Understanding a Backdrop

Taking our first shot 

Taking Our First Studio Shot (A Self Portrait)

What Camera Settings to Use in Studio Photography

Intro to Camera Setting and Flash Exposure

Understanding Flash Exposure

What ISO to Use?

Modelling Lamp vs Flash Unit of a Strobe Light

What Shutter Speed to Use? (The Concept of Sync Speed) – Part 1

What Shutter Speed to Use? (The Concept of Sync Speed) – Part 2

What Aperture to Use?

What White Balance to Use?

Understanding Light 

Inverse Square Law of Light

Turning Hard Light Into Soft Light – Part 1

Turning Hard Light Into Soft Light – Part 2

Types of Modifiers – Part 1

Types of Modifiers – Part 2

Which Lens to Use? 

Which Lens to Use?

Lighting Set-ups 

One Light Set-up With Reflector

Two Lights Set-up and Slave Mode – Part 1

Two Lights Set-up and Slave Mode – Part 2

Three Lights Set-up With Hair Light

Lighting Techniques 

Four Lights Set-up and High-Key Photography

Low-Key Photography

Studio Photography Using Color Gels

Editing Studio Portraits 

Editing Studio Portraits



How to access this course?

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About your trainer

Hey there. This is Kush Sharma, your instructor for this course.

I am the founder here at Creative Pad Media, an organization dedicated to simplifying photography, videography and editing education, and providing it in the most affordable fashion.

I have been teaching since 2013. My online courses have been downloaded in over 170 countries.

I hope to see you inside the course!


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