Are you looking to outsource photo editing to professionals?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Creative Pad Media, we provide the best professional photo editing services to clients across the world! Since our retouching services are completely online, you don’t have to be physically near us. We can do the job for you no matter where you are.

Why choose us as your photo editing company?

Our photo editors are experts in various photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Affinity Pro, GIMP and other photo correction software. That’s because not only are we a photo editing agency, we also a photography academy. So not only do we provide photo editing services, we also make courses on how to edit photos using these different software and tools. This means we really have to be at the top of our game when it comes to our expertise in the art of professional photo enhancement.

Secondly, our photo editors operate via and Upwork, so there is no hassles when it comes to payments, since Fiverr and Upwork are very big brands and therefore, everything works in an organized manner, right from choosing the editing service, to making the payment, to receiving the edited pictures. There is also no hassle when it comes to the price of editing the photos, since everything on these platforms is based on structured price packages.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a photographer who is looking for editing services for professional purpose, or just a regular person who wants find someone to Photoshop their pictures, we’ve got your back.

Here are the different types of photo editing services we provide:

Portrait Retouching

Here are some of the type so services we offer in this category:

  • High End Beauty Skin Retouching
  • Fashion Photo Retouching
  • Headshot Retouching
  • Backdrop/Background Retouching
  • Facial Features and Body Shape Retouching
  • Changing Colors of any Object like Clothes
  • Color Grading/Filters
  • Removing People and Distractions

E-commerce and Product Photo Editing

Here are some of the type so services we offer in this category:

  • Photo Editing for Amazon Platform
  • Changing Background Color to RGB White or Any Other Color
  • Changing Any Colors in the Product
  • Product Compositing (Combining Multiple Photos)
  • Product Retouching to Make Everything Look Clean
  • Adding Logo and Text to the Product

Real Estate Photography Editing

Here are some of the type so services we offer in this category:

  • Real Estate HDR Photo Editing (Blending Multiple Exposures)
  • Commercial Real Estate Photo Editing
  • Real Estate Panorama Stitching
  • Retouching to Make Rooms Look Clean

Jewelry Retouching

Food Photography Editing

Miscellaneous Editing Services

Here are some of the type so services we offer in this category:

  • Photo Culling
  • Faded or Old Photo Restoration
  • Bulk Photo Editing
  • Noise Removal
  • Sharpening
  • Upscaling
  • Editing Photos for Printing
  • Wedding and Event Photo Editing

How to Get in Touch?

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