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How are you doing this Wednesday afternoon?

Just wanted to give you a small update. I have started planning for a new course which will be about setting up a YouTube studio in under Rs.5000. I’m experimenting with different set-ups currently to see which one works the best in this budget. As of now, this one is giving the best results:

The best part about this set up is that apart from being very economical, it’s very flexible at the same time. So depending on your budget, you can develop this setup in less than Rs.5000 ($60) or spend more than Rs.25,000 ($300), depending on the quality of the gear.

I will be showing all sorts of options in this course for each gear element.

Also, you can use this approach to make any kind of videos, not just YouTube videos.

One of the most unique things in this course is that I will be showing how to create AI Generated Realistic Backgrounds to replace the green screen during editing. These realistic backgrounds will almost give the feel of a real background, thereby allowing you to change the background anytime, and avoid a constant monotonous look. I have spent a lot of time in practicing the prompts to generate these type of backgrounds and trust me, when you see this process, it will completely blow your mind away.

I hope to start the shooting for this course soon and release it in May.

I will keep you updated.

P.S – If you are interested in this course, you will need to know the basics of video editing. So I highly suggest you go for our Video Editing Package, which has 6 courses for Rs.499.


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