3 Photography Facebook Groups to Join

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I’m a firm believer that being a part of some amazing Photography related Facebook groups can take your Photography skills to the next level because you are always seeing some amazing shots whenever you log into Facebook.

Before I tell you about my 3 favorite Facebook groups, I want to tell you that here at Creative Pad Media, we have our own private Facebook group which you get access to when you buy our online course package (both basic and advanced). You also get to be a part of the group if you purchase an individual course from Udemy.

But there are also some amazing Facebook groups that you can join for free.

Here are my top three FB groups that you should join:

Behind the Scenes Photography

This group is amazing because not only do you see the final shots, you also get to see the set ups being used for the shots.

Photography Tricks Group

This groups is amazing because people post very unique shots that involve the use of trick photography.

Photoshop and Lightroom

This group is amazing because here you will see the highest level of editing being applied to the shots.

Please note that when you join these groups, you will have to answer some questions. Don’t skip that part. Otherwise the admins won’t approve.

Apart from these, you should also join groups for the exact genre of Photography you are interested in. Make sure you join a group which gets at least 10 posts a day. Otherwise it won’t be of much use.

I’m myself a part of over 50 Facebook groups related to Photography and Videography. It’s literally the best way to improve your skills and also keep in touch with what’s happening in the Photography world.

I hope this suggestion helps you!


Kush Sharma

Creative Pad Media

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