A Glimpse of Photoshop A.I Editing (VIDEO)

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How are you doing this Saturday morning?

Just a small update from my side.

As mentioned in the last email, I have started some initial work on my next course – Photoshop A.I Editing MasterClass, which will teach you how to use the latest Artificial Intelligence tools in Photoshop to take your editing to the next level.

In my previous emails, I had been showing a lot of screenshots but a lot people replied back by saying they wanted to see a video to understand what I was talking about.

So here you go.

I’m sharing one of the first videos I made a few days back for this course. You can watch it using this link:

I have not explained anything in this video. This will actually be the first video in the course. I have demonstrated the power of Photoshop A.I Generative Fill tool. Just like this, this course will show you how to use over 15 A.I-based tools in Photoshop.

I am still in the planning stages of this course but trust me, this is going to be one course which is going to change how you looked at editing forever.


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