Tip of the Day: Cleaning the Lens and the Sensor

Now Ill be very honest with you. I‘m not the best person to seek advice from when it comes to camera maintenance.
If there’s one aspect of photography that I don’t like, it has to be the part that involves cleaning and maintaining camera hygiene. I almost always procrastinate this till my images start showing spots that result from an unclean lens or sensor.
However, I have to admit it’s always better to continually keep your camera clean to make sure it lasts longer.
As far as cleaning the lens goes, you can use a camera cleaning kit.
Cleaning a lens is a fairly simple task. What is tougher is cleaning the sensor and knowing when to clean it.
There are two mistakes you can make when it comes to cleaning the sensor:
1. Cleaning it when it’s not required to be cleaned: A lot of times, spots in your images are caused by an unclean lens  and not the sensor. So if you notice some spots in your shot, the first thing you should do is to change to another lens and take the shot again. If you see the same spots at the same places, then you can conclude that your sensor needs cleaning.
2. Cleaning it yourself: I know there are a lot of YouTube tutorials out there that perfectly demonstrate and teach the methodology of cleaning a sensor, but I implore you to not do it yourself unless you have worked as a professional in a camera service centre. A sensor is a highly sensitive part, which can get damaged quite easily. And that would mean you’ll have to purchase a new camera. Certainly not worth the risk. The best thing you can do would be to call your camera’s service centre and drop your camera there to let them handle it. Yes, it’ll cost you a few bucks but it’s always better to be safe than be sorry.
Hope you liked this tip.

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