Two AI Video Editing Software That Have Blown My Mind

This update was provided for my Videography Course students.

Watch the video below to see the video where I talk about two AI video editing software that are absolutely insane. Alternatively, you can read the transcript of the video which has been posted below:

Video Transcript:

Alright time for another quick update video. Something that I’ve been focusing a lot lately is in incorporating AI into my videography workflow, especially when I’m talking about AI, I’m talking about editing. This is one area where AI is completely changing the game. In fact, as I speak right now, I am on the verge of creating an AI video editing course where I’ll be covering all sorts of different AI software which are really making life very easy when it comes to editing your videos. I’m going to be talking about two software right now which have really blown my mind away.

One is Wisecut. I’m not going to be showing anything because even I’m still in the experimenting stage as far as this is concerned but one of these software is Wisecut which literally if you were to just shoot a video, you just have to upload the video to the software, it’s going to edit everything on its own, it’s going to recognize when there’s a pause, it’s going to recognize when there’s a need to add a B-roll footage, it’s going to do everything for you, you just have to upload the video, it’s even going to put things like captions, a background music, everything. Basically, you upload the video and it just gives you a final result.

You can probably check out some YouTube videos because right now as I said, I’m not showing anything till the time I make my own course but you can probably check it out. Another one which I have been using which has blown my mind away is Opus Clip. Now what this does is, this does something different. You upload a video and what it does is it gives you fragmented parts from that video and turns it into a really nice sort of a social media post like video like Reels, TikToks or your YouTube shots which otherwise would take a lot of time to do.

So these are currently really helping me in marketing my other courses because you can upload these quickly to different platforms. The best part is most of them you can actually try for free and even the paid plans are pretty cheap.

So this is AI editing is something I’m focusing a lot on these days. Like I said, I’m in the process of creating a course. I’m sure if you’ve done any of my courses, you must be receiving some sort of emails from me. So if ever I do complete that course and release it, you’ll definitely find out.

But yeah, just be on the lookout for some nice AI editors out there because AI is really changing the game. So that’s another update video. I’ll see you in the next one. Bye for now.

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