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How are you doing this Wednesday afternoon? It is so hot here in Pune that to even think we’re supposed to be in the winter season seems laughable. Climate change anyone?

Today I’m emailing you to let you know that I have started the process of creating a very exciting course on Photo Compositing using Photoshop.

This course will teach you how to put subjects from one photo onto another photo in a seamless manner, like the images below:

These images are from the first edit that I show in the course.

This course is estimated to be around 4 hours in length and is expected to be released in early February.

Learning the art of compositing is very helpful as a Photographer because you can use any situation to your advantage if you know how to superimpose two different scenes in Photoshop. For example, you can shoot a portrait in a room and make it look like it was clicked outdoors and vice versa. You can easily change one background into another. You can use it to create commercial advertisement images too. That’s why it is a skill that pays very well in the freelancing world.

This course is so challenging to create that I actually had to take help of one of my friends who is a Physicist because I had to know the science that goes behind matching the perspective between the two images, which is the most crucial aspect of creating a composite.

If you are interested in this course, then do make sure that you know at least the basics of Photoshop. My basic six course package consists of a basic Photoshop course.

I’ll keep you updated about this course.


Kush Sharma

Creative Pad Media

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