Why Photography is the Best Hobby

Today I want to talk about why I feel Photography was, is and will always be the number one hobby.

There are 4 reasons for this:

  1. You can do it for lifetime – Unlike other hobbies, photography does not really put any stress on the body and the risk of developing a RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is very less as compared to other hobbies. You can be a photographer at any age and up till any age. In fact some of the best pro photographers carried out their best work after they turned 50 years old. Steve McCurry is still at it and he is 72. ​
  2. It increases your social status in your group – Being the photographer among your social circle means you always have the upper hand. People are always super nice and respectful to the photographer of the group because everyone loves being clicked and while they may get ordinary cell phone pictures from their friends, they know that real professional looking pics are with you. (HINT – Never give those photos easily. Let them really suffer first and then give it. Otherwise they will start taking you for granted). ​
  3. You can earn a serious income – Being a professional photographer gets a bad reputation not because it’s tough to crack but because most people who attempt it don’t do it the correct way. If you learn photography the correct way, are willing to invest in the correct equipment and also learn how to market yourself, you can easily, at the very least, start earning a side income. And if you are more persistent, you can well and truly leave your day job and do it full time. ​
  4. It’s a knowledge oriented hobby, not practice oriented – Most hobbies require continuous practice and a certain level of innate talent. For example, you and I will probably never be able to take a freekick like Messi or Ronaldo no matter how much we try and practice. But if two cameras are set at the same setting, then it doesn’t matter whether a pro photographer presses the shutter button or an amateur, the photo will exactly be the same. That’s because a lot of photography depends on your knowledge of the settings to be used. You can literally become a better photographer by reading an article or watching a video about the usage of a setting.

What do you think about this?

I would love to know your thoughts.

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