10 Years Anniversary Gift

Note – This was an email sent to our subscribers (buyers of our online courses) on Thursday, 7th September 2023.


How are you doing this Thursday afternoon?

Today I want to share something amazing with you.

I’m preparing an amazing gift for you!


Because back in March of this year, Creative Pad Media completed 10 years. 10 amazing years!

It was my intention to share this gift with you back then but I was so busy in creating one course after another that I simply did not get the time to execute it.

But I did start the planning back then and now your gift is almost ready!

The sole reason why Creative Pad Media has been successful is because of students like YOU. I really mean that. Because I don’t have a single full-time employee and neither have I ever had one. Only some part-time people who have assisted me in these 10 years. That’s because it was always my intention to rely on the power of a community. And that community is YOU!

Now I really want to give this gift as a way of saying THANK YOU!

Trust me, it has taken a lot of energy to create this gift! So it’s not just some photography cheat sheet or some fancy discount coupon that other instructors keep giving their students. This gift is of REAL VALUE!

Watch out for my future emails to know what it is.

I’ll keep you guessing till then 🙂


Kush Sharma

Creative Pad Media

About the Author

portrait photographer for portfolio shoot in pune

Hi there, I'm Kush Sharma, the founder of Creative Pad Media, an organization dedicated to simplifying photography and videography education.

We have over 40 online courses that cover various genres in photography & videography, catering to both beginners as well as professionals. These courses are available via Udemy.com. Our courses have been downloaded in over 170 countries.

I hope to see you inside a course very soon!

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