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My New Studio Light (Important Point)

Note – This was an email sent to our subscribers (buyers of our online courses) on Saturday, 18th March 2023.


How are you doing this Saturday afternoon?

I wanted to show you my new shiny toy that came in a few days back:

This is the Godox SK400II light which I have just purchased after using the Simpex and Elinchrom lights for the last 10 years. Currently I only bought one of these for Rs 11,500 since I already have other Godox lights.

It’s a fantastic and powerful 400 watts strobe light and works like a charm with my other Godox flashes using the simple X1-T trigger.

Finally I won’t have to run around to change the power of each light because all my lights will now be only from Godox so the power of all those can be changed by the trigger on the camera. This is the advantage of buying lights from a single brand.

I plan to buy two more of these soon as I expand my studio here in Pune.

But I want to make one very important point here which has got nothing to do with gear.

As my expand my studio, my main focus is still not on the GEAR.

My main focus is still on marketing my studio.

I’m spending more energy on ranking on Google when someone types in “Photographers near me” than I am spending on buying gear.


Because even if I have the perfect studio but no clients, then what’s the use?

This is the mistake many photographers make.

They spend so much on their gear but after setting up everything they realize they have no one to shoot.

That’s why it’s always better to first focus on how you will be getting clients that it is to spend on gear.

Marketing always comes first. Photography comes second.

In fact the other way round is not an issue. Let’s say you are getting clients but you don’t have enough gear. That’s still better. Because you can always do a half-baked shoot in the beginning but at least now you know you have people who are aware of what you are offering. And then you can start to invest more in the gear.

One of the best ways to get Photography clients is to optimize your website so that when anyone searches for a Photographer near them, your website pops up highest on the search results in Google. This is called as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you want to learn this skill, then do check out my 2 hours long SEO course on Udemy. It will teach you how to rank your website higher on Google for any search term.

I hope this helped you out. I’ll keep you updated via emails on what all I buy for my studio as I expand it.


Kush Sharma

Creative Pad Media

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