Capcut is FREAKING awesome!!

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Just a small update from my side this Monday evening.

My whole day today has gone in shooting videos that will be used in my upcoming Shortform Viral Video Editing Course.

I’ve been absolutely MIND-BLOWN by how good Capcut video editing software is. It is completely free and can pretty much do anything that paid video editing tools can do.

And the best part is that its desktop version is amazing. I just never liked editing videos on phones.

It’s such a shame that Capcut is banned in India. But you can use the link below to download it legally and try it yourself:

​Capcut Download Link (legal)​

But of course, I never recommend that you do anything against the government rules. Therefore, in this upcoming course, I will also be showing you how to use VN Video Editor, which is another amazing free video editing app, which is available in India.

I will keep you updated with how the course progresses.

P.S – Our course packages are again on sale for sometime, so don’t miss out.


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