Do Full Frame Cameras Produce a Shallower Depth of Field?

This is one of the biggest myths regarding a full frame camera.

I often see beginners get tricked into buying a full frame camera by the shopkeepers. I want to tell you about one of the things they tell beginners which is not true. 

They will tell you that a full frame camera blurs the background more than a crop sensor camera. This is a very popular myth in the world of photography and you will even find some professional photographers tell you this. 

This is not true because blurring of the background does not depend on the sensor of the camera. It depends only on three things:

  • The f-stop number that you are using
  • The distance between you and the subject and
  • The distance between the subject and the background, something that we cover in our course.     

The reason why full frame cameras appear to give a more blurred background is because the bigger sensor offers a wider field of view. Which means you see more of the scene in the frame when you are looking through the view finder of a full frame camera.

This forces the photographer to go closer to the subject and that’s the reason why the depth of field becomes shallow and results in a more blurred background. 

So the next time the shopkeeper tells you to buy a full frame camera just because of this reason, just show them this artcile. 

This is not to say that full frame cameras should not be bought. My only point is that don’t buy it because of the aforementioned reason because they can cost a lot of money and you should know why you are investing in a full frame before buying it.

 I hope this tip helps you.

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