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How are you doing this Wednesday afternoon and how was your week?

I bet it wasn’t better than mine!


Because in this last week, I grew my hair long, developed a six pack, bought a horse, became a Viking warrior and conquered some kingdoms!!

Don’t believe me?

Here you go:

I’m guessing you did not buy it LOL!!

Here’s the truth!

I have been going crazy with Midjourney AI. I first created this AI photo using some specific prompts:

Then I blended it with my face using this image:

Isn’t it amazing?

It does require a lot of skill and I’m still getting better at it but Midjourney is simply an amazing tool. The only software I have been really impressed with since Photoshop.

As you must be knowing from my last 10 or so emails, I have been totally smitten by the latest AI tools because they are really changing the game of photography and editing.

My last to last course on Photoshop AI received such a good response that now I am planning on creating a brand new course on Midjourney AI., where I will teach you how to create photorealistic images in such a way that you can blend them with your existing work. I have already started implementing this for my portrait clients and they are really loving it.

Would you like such a course?

Let me know by replying.


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