The Reality of Artificial Intelligence in Photo Editing

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These are the days of Artificial Intelligence.

Or are they?

I am always testing how A.I is impacting the Photography world and every time I put things to test, it usually ends in disappointment.

For instance, a few months back, this Passport Maker tool had gone viral on YouTube and literally all Photographers/Editors were posting videos related to it.

So I decided to try it out.

It claims that you can use any regular photo of yours and it will turn it into a Passport photo and even replace your clothes with a suit.

Here is the photo I used and here is the result:

Now this would be a fantastic result had I asked for a caricature.

But I asked for a passport photo.

Imagine having this photo on your actual passport.

The only place you would be allowed in would be Disneyland.

But when those YouTubers use these tools, everything seems to come out perfectly.

That’s because they spend more time in choosing convenient images than actually using the tool. On an average, all these A.I tools are still very poor.

Out of all A.I tools that I have tried till now, only one tool, which is the latest A.I Noise Removal inside Adobe Lightroom has lived up to its hype.

Apart from teaching Photography, I also teach digital marketing and there also it’s the same story with ChatGPT. All hype, no substance.

So here is the truth.

Good work will always require hard work.

No A.I can replace it.

Even if A.I becomes very good, this principle won’t change because only the bar will become higher. What is good today will become average tomorrow since everyone would be producing it and there will be a new good which will again require creative and hard work.

What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts!


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