How to Find DSLR Shutter Count

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Do you want to know how many photos your camera has taken till now?

Then read on!

First of all, the correct term for that in Photography is a Shutter Actuation or Shutter Count.

A shutter actuation is basically how many times your shutter opened and closed. Which basically happens each time you take a shot.

Now, why is it important to find the Shutter Count?

The number one reason is that when you buy a 2nd hand DSLR or sell your own DSLR, the shutter count is the most important aspect in determining the value of the camera.

Even though camera manufacturers say that the life of an average DSLR is around 2,00,000 – 4,00,000 actuations, this is not always reliable.

The rule of thumb is that you should avoid buying second hand cameras that have taken more than 40,000-60,000 shots.

The more the number of shots taken, the lesser the value of the camera because after all, a shutter is nothing but a physical element in the camera which can wear out just like any other object.

There is also another reason why finding the shutter count is important but before I discuss that let’s see how to find the shutter count for your camera.

How to find your cameras shutter count?

It’s not very straightforward because it will depend on the brand and model of the DSLR you have.

For most cameras, you can use the following website:

Camera Shutter Count

Just upload a JPEG image taken from your camera and it will show you the Shutter Count.

If your model is not compatible, then use the website below:

My Shutter Count

Some Canon cameras may not work with both those websites because Canon cameras don’t have the shutter count embedded in the EXIF data in the image. In that case you can download the following software and use it:

Canon EOS Digital Info

Finally, if all else fails, you can use a tool called EXIFTOOL. Use this only as a last resort because it’s very complicated to use and you will have to watch some YouTube videos in order to understand how to use it.

If none of the solutions work for your model, then the only option is send it to the authorized retailer or service center to get the shutter count.

Now like I mentioned before, there is another reason why the shutter count is important.

It’s to get an idea of your own progress as a photographer.

Usually in the Photography world, we say that if you have taken 10,000 shots, you are closer to being as skilled as a Professional Photographer.

But to be very honest, I don’t agree with that notion.

Because in my opinion, progress doesn’t only depend on the quantity of shots. It also depends on how much planning and effort was spent on taking the shot. Because that’s where the true skill develops.

If you were to ask me honestly, I would say that it would take only 100 quality shots to become really good at photography.

But these shots have to be treated like a project.

These should be shots that go into your final portfolio which you should be proud to display as a Photographer.

If you have 100 such shots, you will be at the level of a Professional Photographer.

So remember, quality over quantity.

I hope this email helps you out!


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