Photography is Not Just About Buying Expensive Equipment

One of most common mistakes that even advanced photographers make is that they assume that the only way to get amazing shots is to use high end equipment.

What has to be understood is that your photography machine can only help you to some extent. It is your knowledge about how various settings work and how much you practice that determines the end result.

The only time you should purchase something is when you can’t absolutely do without that piece of equipment. For instance, if you’re doing wildlife photography, you would obviously need a telephoto lens as a usual kit lens just won’t be of any use.

In fact even then, first determine if that type of photography is a one-off for you or not. If it is something you’ll be doing rarely, then it’s better to rent equipment for that particular day.

One should strive to become what I call a minimal photographer. That is, you should try to get the result you have in mind using only the essential equipment.

Many a times the truth is that it is not the equipment, but your lack of knowledge as far as the procedure to take a particular type of shot is concerned, that is the real problem.

So instead of spending hard earned money, you should take the harder way out and spend some time figuring our how to take a particular type of shot.

Another important factor is to get very good at editing. Once you become good at post processing and editing, you’ll find that you can make images look really awesome without the need to buy some fancy equipment.

There is also a deep satisfaction that you will feel when you depend less on the equipment and more on yourself.

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