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I did 3 portrait shoots in a day (thanks to Retouching AI software)

Note – This was an email sent to our subscribers (buyers of our online courses) on Monday, 18th December, 2023.


How are you doing this Monday morning?

Recently, I wanted to test how far AI can help me.

Usually, I do only one shoot in a day in my studio because I need to edit and deliver the shots as quickly as possible. So I don’t take on more than one shoot.

But a few days back, I decided to do three because I wanted to test how fast I could edit these shots and deliver to my clients.

Here’s the amazing thing:

I not only did the shoots but actually edited the shots right in front of my clients using an AI retouching software!!

With just a single click.

Ok, maybe 3 to 4 clicks.

But you get the point.

In fact the funny part was that one of my clients seemed a bit disappointed because he thought it was too easy for me LOL

In each case, I uploaded the 10 shots that the client had selected after the shoot, uploaded them to the software, chose a retouching preset and..

BOOM! Job done.

AI is a complete game changer for portrait photographers.

I am very close to completing my upcoming AI Retouching course.

Watch out for my next email because I think I will be releasing it slightly earlier than expected.

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