Invest in a DSLR Sling Strap to Shoot More Comfortably

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One of the accessories that made my shooting very ergonomically comfortable was a Shoulder Sling Strap.

When you are walking and shooting with your DSLR, we all know it can get very tiresome to hang the camera around your neck.

It starts to make your neck sore and the overall feeling is that of discomfort.

This is where a sling strap comes to your aid. It’s designed to go over your shoulder and diagonally across your upper body so that the weight of the camera is distributed more evenly across your body and this makes it very easy to carry your camera without any strain, like you can see below:

Almost all professional photographers use a sling strap to avoid the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

The use of this strap becomes especially important when you are involved in a photography genre where the lens is quite heavy like Landscape and Portrait Photography.

The best part is you don’t even have to unhook your camera from the strap to take a shot because the camera slides across the strap belt allowing you to shoot from any angle just like you would without a strap.

Remember, Photography is a hobby that you can do for lifetime. So it’s best to invest in things that reduce the risk of injuries.

There is also one bonus of using a sling strap – it makes you look super cool :)

I hope this suggestion helps you out!

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