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How are you doing this Wednesday afternoon?

As mentioned in the last email, I have been working on a brand new AI Video Editing and Production course, which will teach you how to use the power of AI to create and edit videos.

I will be showing 10 different elements in this course and one of the most exciting elements is creating videos with the help of AI avatars which basically allows you to create fake people in your video who can do anything you want them to. This is great for people who are camera shy or don’t want to take the effort to set up lights, camera and mic to shoot an actual video. Just to show you an example, check out the starting part of the video below:

This video is from the course itself.

The woman you see in the beginning of the video is an AI avatar who can pretty much say anything you want her (it?) to. For instance, you can even have her present an entire Powerpoint presentation.

It’s scary how good AI is getting. But that’s not all. You can actually create your own AI clone so you can be in the video without ever really being in it. You can also shoot your video in on language and with a click, have your AI clone talk in another language with perfect lip movements.


And just imagine, this is only one element in the entire course.

Just like this, there will be 10 different amazing features that will give you a glimpse of the future (and present) of video production.

I will keep you updated with the progress of this course.


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