Photography Tip Of The Day: Using Google Images To Get Ideas

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a photographer is to get newideas on how to compose a shot.

I was once doing a food shoot for a popular cafe in Pune where I was required to take shots of a hot chocolate beverage.



I was used to shooting normal soda based beverages as it’s easy to create various type of effects like splashes and capture them using a high shutter speed.



But with a milk based beverage in front of me, I suddenly ran out of ideas and was experiencing something that can only be described as a “photographer’s block’.



Then I just took out my smartphone, opened Google and typed in “hot chocolate photography” and started seeing the images that Google came up with.



I saw around 30 shots and immediately started to get ideas on how I could compose my shots.


This is the best part about photography. If you’re doing something, chances are that someone else has already done it before you and you can derive inspiration from them.



This is not to say that you should blindly copy what they are doing but instead, use it as a starting step to add to your own creativity.



Even when I go to a particular location to do landscape photography, I always see shots of that location first on Google or Instagram to not justget ideas on composition, but to also figure out the vantage points and places which will give me the best of views and then research more on those points and how to access them when I finally reach the place.



I hope this tip helps you in coming with ideas when you need it.


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