Portrait Editing MasterClass (Coming Soon)

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How are you doing this Saturday afternoon?

First of all, Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

I’ve got an amazing update for you.

For the last 2 months I had been secretly working on a very special course. It’s called the Portrait Editing MasterClass.

I kept it in secret because this was such a challenging course to make I was not sure what time-frame to give you.

This is a course where I will teach you how to professionally edit your portraits using Photoshop.

You will get your hands on a Editing Steps Sheet which will have 25 steps you have to take in order to edit a portrait in a systematic way so there is no room for guess-work.

These steps will involve advanced techniques like Frequency Separation for Skin Smoothening, Dodge and Burn, Hair Smoothening, etc.

The best part is you will get your hands on some very important Photoshop Actions made by me so with one click you will be able to get the layer set-up ready.

Currently I have completed creating around half of this course and the length is already at around 3.5 hours. So this is a LONG course.

Here are some of the before-after of the edited images so far in this course:

There are more edits to be made.

I am planning on releasing this course in January first week.

I will keep you updated.

Once you do this course, I can proudly say that you will NEVER EVER need another portrait editing course because this covers EVERYTHING!!!

Please note that this course is NOT for complete beginners. You will need to have some basic knowledge of things like Layer Masking so it’s highly recommended that you do the beginners Photoshop course which is a part of the Basic Photography Course Package.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Kush Sharma

Creative Pad Media

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Hi there, I'm Kush Sharma, the founder of Creative Pad Media, an organization dedicated to simplifying photography and videography education.

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