Having fun with Photoshop A.I Generative Fill

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How are you doing this Tuesday afternoon?

I got a lot of responses after I sent out the last email on Photoshop’s new A.I generative fill tool. Some people were truly shocked.

But I have been having a lot of fun with it.

Day before yesterday, I had done a shoot for a client and I have been using the A.I tool to see if Photoshop can generate new backdrops just by writing prompts.

Here is the original shot against a white backdrop:

Then I just selected the backdrop and wrote the prompt – “Pink Texture Background“. Here is the result:

Not too great, but not too bad either.

Here is the one with the prompt “Dark Grey Background“:

The results are not too great at the moment because this is still in the “Beta” mode. Remember, it’s A.I. So it will only get better.

I also tried some other stuff like adding horns and bunny ears:


So much fun!

Of course, I did not share the last two pics with the client 😛

Most photographers are scared of A.I but I’m saying the opposite – A.I can be great for photographers because it can enhance your creativity easily and allow you to do photography in a budget friendly way. For instance, in this example, once the tool improves further, it would mean we can do studio photography without having to buy different colored backdrops. Just one backdrop or even a wall will be enough.

In any situation, always look for the positives!

What do you think?


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