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What Exactly is AI in Photo Editing?

“What exactly does AI do in a AI photo editing software?”. This is a very common question asked by beginner editors who use such AI editing tools, and the reason why they ask this is because these AI tools look just like any other regular photo editing software.

So what makes these AI photo editing tools so different when they look the same as the regular editing tools? Let’s find out.

Understanding AI in Photo Editing

Imagine having a smart assistant who not only helps you edit your photos but also learns from each edit to get better and better. That’s what AI in photo editing is like. Unlike traditional software, which just functions on pre-built algorithms, AI software is like having a guide that learns and evolves every time it is used.

So while the regular software remains stagnant in its capabilities (until it’s majorly updated), the AI photo editing software keeps getting smarter with each use.

How AI is Different from Traditional Editing Software

Learning and Adapting

The biggest difference between AI editing software and traditional software is that AI is always learning. Think of it like a smart student who keeps getting better with each class. Every time you edit a photo with AI, the software learns from your choices and preferences. This means it gets smarter and more efficient over time, something traditional software can’t do.

Simplicity and Efficiency

AI makes photo editing easier for everyone. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, AI tools can help you enhance your photos with minimal effort. It’s like having an expert sitting with you, suggesting the best edits for your photos.


With AI, editing photos can be much faster. You don’t have to spend hours tweaking settings or learning complicated tools. The AI can often suggest edits or make improvements in seconds, allowing you to focus more on creativity and less on technicalities.

For instance, one of latest courses we released here at Creative Pad Media is called AI Portrait Retouching – Retouch With One Click, where we show you how to use AI to retouch skin with a single click. Without AI, manual retouching techniques like Frequency Separation and Dodge and Burn can take hours. But with AI, it can be done so quickly that it’s making those manual way of retouching things obsolete.

Personalized Experience

As AI learns from your editing style, it starts to offer a personalized experience. It recognizes your preferences and tailors its suggestions to fit your unique style. Traditional software can’t do this as it doesn’t learn from your past actions.

Advanced Features

AI photo editing software can do some pretty amazing things that traditional software can’t. For example, it can automatically enhance a photo’s colors, adjust lighting, or even suggest creative edits you might not have thought of.


In conclusion, AI in photo editing is not just a new tool; it’s a whole new approach to how we enhance and transform our images.

It’s a continuously learning, evolving, and intelligent way to make photo editing more accessible, efficient, and creative.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or someone who just loves taking and editing photos, AI photo editing software is definitely worth exploring.

It’s not just about editing photos; it’s about re-imagining what’s possible in the world of photography and post-processing.

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