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20 Unedited Portraits to Practice Photoshop Editing

One of the challenges faced by beginner editors is that they are not able to find unedited photos to practice editing.

This is especially true in the world of portrait retouching, because it is a skill that needs a lot of practice before you can master it.

And the issue is that since all editors may not also be photographers, they don’t have access to portraits that require retouching.

Keeping this in mind, we are giving away 20 unedited portraits for free that you can use to practice retouching and editing. These are full resolution high quality JPEG images straight out of the camera.

These photos are from our studio portrait clients so you won’t find them anywhere else. Let’s see these 20 unedited photos:

Note – You will be taken to Google Drive. You can download the zip file and then extract it to find these photos.

unedited portrait 1

If you want to learn the art of Portrait Editing and Retouching, then check out the following two courses that we offer, which are available via Udemy.com:

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AI Portrait Retouching – Retouch With One Click

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