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Hi there,

Back in 2021, I sent an email where I went against the photography world and said that Mirrorless cameras won’t result in the end of DSLRs.

It’s 2024 and that statement still holds true. Here are some recent events that back this statement:

  • Nikon recently acquired RED, the company that had a monopoly in the digital cinema camera industry. Basically, most of the movies that you’ve seen till now, have been shot using RED cameras. This means Nikon is investing more in improving the video capabilities of its existing cameras, rather than pumping all the money into its Mirrorless vertical.
  • Canon is aggressively marketing its DSLRs in the Indian market
  • Sony is finding it pretty difficult to come up with anything substantial in the Mirrorless market. After the A7III, pretty much all its newer mirrorless cameras just have fancy features but nothing of substance.

Back in 2021, I had predicted this simply because of the costs associated with buying a mirrorless camera. When you buy a mirrorless camera, your costs basically become double since everything costs twice as much. In addition to that, you have to buy new lenses too. You can use a adapter too to use the older DSLR lenses but sometimes these adapters don’t work as intended. And the good ones are expensive.

Now does that mean I am saying that you should not buy a mirrorless camera?


Like back in 2021, I am just saying that it’s not a NECESSITY.

If you are buying your first camera AND you have the budget, then definitely you should be investing in a mirrorless camera. But if you already have a DSLR or don’t have the budget for mirrorless cameras and lenses, it’s perfectly fine to use your existing camera or buy an entry level DSLR.

I myself still use my Nikon D750 and Nikon D5300 for all my professional shoots and I have never really faced any issues. My clients couldn’t bother less about my gear. They just focus on the shots they get. If I have to invest in new gear, I would do so by buying better lenses, since a lens is what actually makes the majority of the difference in your shots.

However, there are 2 areas where I feel Mirrorless cameras can really help you:

  1. If you are someone who shoots a lot of videos, then Mirrorless cameras are great since their auto-focusing capabilities mean you can shoot videos very easily without losing focus.
  2. Similar to the point above, the auto-focus capability even in still shooting, especially the eye-focus feature, can be really helpful, particularly when you are shooting at very shallow depth of field like f1.4.

So mainly, it’s the auto-focus capability where the Mirrorless cameras outdo the DSLRs. So if that’s important to you, then it’s definitely something you should think about.

Apart from that, you really won’t face that much of an issue. One thing is sure though – Don’t listen to anyone who blindly says that DSLRs are becoming obsolete.

And as always, before investing in any expensive camera or lens, I always suggest that you rent the camera/lens first from a rental shop, and then make an informed decision after having a hands-on experience.

I hope this suggestion helps you out!

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