It’s Often Better to Rent Lenses and Other Equipment Rather Than Buying

We all are aware that photography isn’t the cheapest of hobbies. Getting your hands on quality equipment can prove to be a costly affair. But there is a way out.

When you’re starting out learning photography, there is no point in buying expensive lenses and accessories straight away.

Unless you can easily afford them, you are better off renting lenses rather than buying them. A lot of shops rent camera equipment and accessories. Just find a shop near you that deals with such a business.

Renting a lens will mean that you are just paying a small amount for a day. This allows you to get familiar with the lens or the accessory.

Then if you feel that you need a particular lens very often, you can always take the decision to buy one.

For instance, if you just do wildlife photography once in a while when you visit a zoo or a national park, you’ll be better of renting the lens only for that particular day.

It”ll be much more economical than buying a super telephoto lens which will mostly be resting in the cupboard.

Then if you figure out the type of photography that you are passionate about and will frequently be doing, you can always go ahead and buy.

This will be a much more informed and thoughtful decision. It also helps you see if the particular piece of equipment that you were planning to buy has any compatibility issues with another piece of equipment. For instance, it can happen that the lens you were planning to buy for your camera body may only partially operate on the body because of focus motor or other issues. You can come to know of this and avoid such a purchase, thereby saving you money or hassles involved in returning products.

If you are in Pune, then one of the best shops to rent photography equipment is from Primes and Zooms, which is located in Model Colony, Shivajinagar. You have to register with them first, which takes about 2 days but is completely free. Once you’re registered, you can head to their website, select the lens/camera/equipment you want and place your order. They even deliver the stuff at home for a small fee.

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