Mind-blowing Photoshop A.I Editing – Using Generative Fill to Remove People

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How are you doing this Thursday morning?

Today I’ve got something mind-blowing to share with you. If you remember, in some of the emails before I have been showcasing the power of Photoshop A.I in editing.

But those were still easy edits.

But check this out.

Here’s the original image:

And here is the edited image:

Using the power of A.I, I was able to remove everyone in the photo in under 10 minutes. Yes it’s a little patchy in some areas but that can be retouched in no time.

The important thing is that without A.I, this process would take over 5 hours at least because not only would I have to use a lot of Clone Stamping and Content Aware fill, I would also have to clone stamp the empty/patchy areas back in. That would have been a nightmare.

So how did A.I help in this?

The answer lies in the Generative fill tool that I showed you in the previous emails.

Just notice the ending of the road in the photo near the horizon.

That did not exist in the original image. The generative fill tool automatically did that. All I had to do was type in the prompt “A road turning left“.


Similarly I was able to fill in other areas also.

And even to remove people, most of the times I used the Generative Fill.

But removal also involved the manual use of clone stamp tool so it took around 10 minutes.

But still, 10 minutes compared 5 hours is MASSIVE!!

A.I is changing everything and photography will never be the same again.

I am currently in the process of planning a Photoshop A.I Editing course where I will show you over 15 A.I tools that you can use to edit your photos in ways you never thought before.

I can’t give you a timeline for this course since it’s still in the planning stages but I plan to release this somewhere in September.

I’m also planning on incorporating other A.I software like Remini, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Dall-E.

I’ll keep you updated on how things pan out!

P.S – A.I editing is still in its early stages, so make sure you get as good with Photoshop as you can, so you can take the full advantage. The Photoshop courses I have in the Basic and Advanced Packages can really help you with that!


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