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How are you doing this Tuesday afternoon?

This month has been a very revealing one for me when it comes to my profession.

I’m currently creating a very very very challenging course on Making Selections and Removing Background in Photoshop.

Creating accurate selections in complex subjects (stray hair, fur, trees, clouds etc) is one of the toughest things to do in Photoshop even when using the most advanced tools.

Whenever I create a course I always do other people’s courses just to see if I’m not missing out on anything.

This time I did two courses on Selections and I was shocked to see the instructors (famous people but i won’t name them) are teaching absolutely wrong things in their courses.

At some points, it got so ridiculous that I was even laughing out loud.

I do apologize if I’m coming across as slightly arrogant I like to say things as they are.

Anyway, coming back to the point.

I’m mid-way into creating this course and trust me this course will blow your mind away.

Here are some of the selections that I have shown in the course till now:

There will be more images like Landscape images, pet images, etc.

Also, you will be learning how to create artificial strands of hair in Photoshop.

This really will be a one-stop course on Selections and I’m very excited about it.

The best part is that this course will be perfect for you even if you are completely new to Photoshop though some basic knowledge, especially of Layer Masks will be necessary. You can always check out my Photoshop Basics course which is a part of the Basic Course Package.

I will keep you updated about this course.


Kush Sharma

Creative Pad Media

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