Remove Tattoo From Photo Using Photoshop A.I

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How are you doing this Wednesday morning?

I’m totally buzzing right now. I’m a football fanatic and yesterday was a huge night for Indian football as we won the final of the SAFF championship against Kuwait. Penalty shootouts are always so thrilling and I was jumping up and down like a small kid. I hope our team does something similar in the Asian cup and we qualify for the 2026 FIFA World Cup!!

But back to photography.

I’m still not over the new Photoshop A.I tool. It’s just too mind blowing.

Look at this pic where I was able to remove an entire tattoo on my left arm with just ONE click:

This is the original:

Then I simply selected the arm using the Lasso tool in a rough manner. And then just typed in “Remove Tattoo” in the A.I Generative tool box, like shown below:

And BOOM! Here’s the result:

Check out this video where I show you how to remove tattoo from photo using the Photoshop AI Generative Fill feature:

This is amazing because previously, this process would involve crazy amount of manual clone stamping and using of the healing brush which used to be really frustrating. And now, you don’t even need Photoshop skills. It’s really crazy!

A lot of people have been replying to me saying they are not able to find this tool in Photoshop.

That’s because it’s not there in Photoshop. It’s there in Photoshop Beta, which is a separate software, available to people who have the Creative Cloud subscription plan. It will come to Photoshop once Adobe decides it’s time to move on from the beta tests.

Also, as communicated to you in the last email, my latest course on marketing your Photography business using Facebook and Google Ads is now nearly completed. I should be able to release this course next week.

So keep an eye out for my emails.


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