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Upcoming AI Retouching Course

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How are you doing this Tuesday afternoon?

In my last email, I had told you that I was doing a research on which is the best AI retouching software out there.

I got so many replies to that email because a lot of people were amazed how I was able to retouch the photo I had shown with just a single click.

Well, I’ve got some great news for you. My latest course on AI Retouching is coming along really well and I should be able to release it in early January.

In this course I will be covering the following 10 different AI retouching software which are completely changing the game of portrait editing:

  1. Creative Magic Panel AI
  2. Portrait Pro AI
  3. Luminar Neo AI
  4. Retouch4Me AI
  5. Evoto AI
  6. Portraiture AI
  7. Retouch Pro AI
  8. ON1 Portrait AI
  9. Vance AI
  10. Photoshop AI Neural Filters

I will be showing you what each software is capable of doing and then I will be ranking all of them on the following 10 parameters:

  1. Quality of Retouching
  2. Number of features
  3. Pricing
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Speed
  6. Owning vs Renting
  7. Quality of Free trial
  8. Photoshop Plugin Availability
  9. Focus on Portraits vs General
  10. Support

I will be showing everything with the help of actual unedited studio shots of my clients so everything will be very practical.

There is not even a single course on the internet which goes this deep into the topic of AI retouching. Most photographers are still not adapting to AI and trust me, they are really missing out.

For instance, I give 10 shots to my studio portrait clients and nowadays because of AI, my editing time for these 10 shots has gone from around 1.5 hours to 5 minutes. I have been so impressed with AI that now I am even trying to find out if it can help me in the shooting part too.

Most photographers are worrying about AI killing photography but the truth is that it’s actually making photography easier.

AI is your ally, not your enemy.

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