Why Your Camera Doesn’t Matter

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How are you doing this Monday morning?

Feeling the blues?

Don’t worry! As always, I’m here to motivate you a bit!

Yesterday, I accidentally ran into one of my students who had come to one of my workshops in Pune back in 2014.

At that time, she was working in IT and also simultaneously doing professional photography in her home studio.

I immediately recognized her because there was one thing very impressive about her – She used to use an outdated Canon 40D DSLR which even by 2014 standards was basically considered an obsolete piece of equipment.

I remember asking her at that time – Why are you using such an outdated camera?

Her answer was something that stayed with me forever.

She said – Oh, I had no idea it was outdated.

There was great innocence in that answer. But there was also great wisdom.

While everyone else was going “gear-crazy“, here was a person who was genuinely “photography-crazy” even though she herself may not have been aware of it.

Even now she only graduated to the humble Canon 700D, which by today’s standards can again be considered “outdated”.

But she charges Rs.35,000 per newborn baby shoot and trust me there is nothing outdated about Rupees 35,000.

I see people going crazy for insignificant things these days like which camera has best auto-focus, which camera has the best sensor, which camera can shoot 8k video, blah blah blah.

It almost feels like hearing a bunch of kids getting excited about the new shinier toy.

And then we wonder why most photographers fail?

They fail because the focus is on the wrong thing.

The focus should be on mastering lighting, composition, settings and post-processing.

Once you master these four aspects, you can do great photography with any camera as long as it allows you to shoot in the manual mode.

Manufacturers and influencers will always try to sell you the next big toy but you’ve got to understand one thing- whatever you buy today will be obsolete tomorrow.

So it’s best not to be in that game.

The best game to play is always the one where YOU make the rules.


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