Best AI Photo Retouching Software With Free Trial

When it comes to photo retouching, AI is completely changing the game because retouching skin in portraits is a very time consuming and frustrating process, when it comes to doing it manually in Photoshop.

With the help of AI, you can make the skin smooth and do other things with a single click.

While there are a lot of AI Retouching software, only a few ones offer the same quality that you can get when you manually retouch your photos. Some bad quality retouching software can make the skin look very fake and too smooth and therefore, it’s best to avoid them.

Which are the AI skin retouching software that give the best quality and also offer a free trial?

So here is a list of the best AI retouching software which also offer a free trial. I show you how to use these software in-depth in my AI Portrait Retouching course:

1. Evoto AI

Evoto AI is undoubtedly the number one AI retouching software these days. Here are the pros and cons:


  • High quality retouching presets that allow you to retouch skin with just a single click
  • The quality of retouching is fantastic, even allowing you to choose whether you want to go for a natural retouch or a strong one.
  • Large amount of features that let you manually control each area and aspect of retouching, including control over each facial feature.
  • Allows you to correct any imperfections in the background. For instance, removing wrinkles in a studio backdrop. You can even change the backdrop color and texture.
  • Allows you to save presets of your edit and apply the retouching to a whole batch of images. Therefore, you can retouch all the photos in your shoot with a single click.
  • Has the best stray hair removal feature when compared to other software. Stray hair can be removed with a single click.
  • Does a good job in removing the wrinkles in the clothing.


  • No Photoshop plugin availability. Evoto AI only works as a standalone software.
  • A large number of features can make the learning curve difficult for those who want to tinker with the settings and not just rely on the one-click presets.
Changing the Background in Evoto AI
Editing Multiple Photos in Evoto AI by Syncing the Settings

Evoto AI Demo Video

Check out this demo video for Evoto AI from my AI Portrait Retouching course to get an idea about how it works:

Evoto AI Full Review

In case you want to see more, here is a full review video of Evoto AI.

How much does Evoto AI cost?

At the time of writing this article, Evoto AI costs $83.99 for an year, where you can get 1200 credits. Each credit is utilized when you edit and export one image. So you can retouch 1200 images.

But the main issue is that after the year, these credits expire. Therefore, if you’ve not used all your credits, you money can go waste.

Apart from that, the actual pricing is not that bad if you are sure you will be able to exhaust all the credits.

Another issue to consider is that if you like to edit in bulk, it can actually make the amount of credits rather insufficient. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer and you have to edit 300 shots for a single event, then that can make the credits disappear quickly, forcing you to purchase extra credits.

2. Retouch4Me

Retouch4Me is one of the most popular AI retouching software that has stood the test of time. Here are the pros and cons:


  • High Quality retouching that produces real and natural looking results on the skin. Things like healing blemishes and applying the Dodge and Burn effect can be done with a single click.
  • Just like Evoto, you can remove the wrinkles on the backdrop and clothing
  • Has a Photoshop plugin and panel, which can make the retouching process very simple and allow you to incorporate the retouching process into your Photoshop editing workflow.
  • Allows you to use each plugin for lifetime. There is no renewal cost. Therefore, you own the software and not rent it.


The biggest con of Retouch4me is that each functionality has to be purchased separately in the form of a plugin/software. For instance, if you want to remove the blemishes on the skin, then you have to purchase the Heal plugin. If you want to apply Dodge and Burn, you have to purchase the Dodge and Burn plugin and so on.

This can make things very expensive because as you will see below, the pricing for each plugin is not cheap at all.

Using the Retouch4me Heal Plugin to Remove Blemishes
Using the Retouch4me Portrait Volumes Plugin to Add Glow to the Skin

Retouch4me Demo Video

Check out this demo video from my AI Portrait Retouching Course to get an idea about how Retouch4me works:

How much does Retouch4me cost?

At the time of writing this article, here is the cost of some of the popular plugins:

  • Heal – $124
  • Dodge and Burn – $149
  • Eye Brilliance – $124
  • Portrait Volumes – $124
  • Clean Backdrop – $149
  • Fabric – $124

You can see that buying each plugin is almost like buying a separate software. The good part is that once you buy a plugin, you get it to use it forever, so the cost does not repeat.

3. Portrait Pro AI

Portrait Pro is another popular AI retouching software that has been around for quite a while. But as compared to Evoto AI and Retouch4me, it’s not that good. However, let’s look at the pros and cons:


  • Just like Evoto and Retouch4me, it allows you work on the skin, background and clothes.
  • Full of different features to alter pretty much every aspect and feature of the face.
  • It is available both as a standalone software and a Photoshop plugin.
  • There is no recurring fee.


  • The biggest con is that the quality of skin retouching is not that good. It looks a bit fake.
  • Can be complex to understand initially

Portrait Pro Demo

Check out this demo video from my AI Portrait Retouching Course to get an idea about how Portrait Pro works:

How much does Portrait Pro cost?

At the time of writing this article, Portrait Pro costs $59.95 for lifetime access. However, when a new editing comes out, you will have to purchase it again at a slightly discounted price.

4. Portraiture AI Photoshop Plugin

Out of all the software discussed till now, Portraiture AI is the most straightforward. It’s simply a plugin that can be used in Photoshop and Lightroom. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Does a decent job on making the skin smooth. You can get to choose the degree to which the skin is smoothened. It’s literally a one-click job
  • Very easy to use as there aren’t many features


  • No other features apart from skin retouching
  • Costly

Portraiture AI Demo

Check out this demo video from my AI Portrait Retouching Course to get an idea about how Portraiture AI works:

How much does Portraiture AI cost?

At the time of writing this article, it costs $249.95. It’s a one time purchase but it’s definitely very costly when considering the fact that it barely has any features apart from skin retouching.

5. ON1 Portrait AI

ON1 Portrait AI is very similar to Portrait Pro AI, i.e, it has a lot of features but the quality of retouching isn’t as good as Evoto and Retouch4me.

So this is not a software that I would recommend.

6. Photoshop AI Neural Filters

One of the overlooked software when it comes to AI retouching is Photoshop itself. Adobe are usually slow in rolling out new features and it’s no different when it comes to AI.

Adobe’s AI efforts have been more focused towards Generative AI, especially the Generative fill feature. The closest we get to AI retouching is via the AI neural filters, which are AI-based functions that can be activated with a single click.

There is one AI neural filter called Skin Smoothing that can be used to even out the imperfect tones in the skin. However, there is no filter for blemish removal.

But AI filters are still something to keep an eye on simply because Adobe has been investing a lot of resources into AI. And remember, Adobe is way larger than any of the other companies mentioned in this article.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Evoto AI is the clear winner. It’s way superior than anything out there at the moment. The closest competitor is Retouch4me but having to buy each plugin separately can be very costly. Moreover, Evoto AI is very user-friendly, intuitive and provides a high quality retouch.

If you want to get a in-depth look into all the AI retouching software mentioned here, then don’t forget to check out my AI Portrait Retouching course, which has 34 videos and 3.5 hours of content. It’s available via

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