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Cheapest Photography Lighting Set-up

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How are you doing this Thursday afternoon?

Today I want to tell you something you’ll NEVER hear anywhere.

A studio lighting set up under Rs.1000!!!

Yes you heard that right.

I actually used such a set up back in early days of my studio photography journey.

This set-up is a hack of all hacks!

Here it is:

You need 2 things:

1 – A Cheap Video Light

You can buy a cheap halogen 1000 watt video light like this one. It’s important you only buy this type of video light because you need something really powerful. These lights are usually used in videography but for a budget set-up, it can be used in photography too. This type of light can be bought locally for under Rs.500. On Amazon it will cost you slightly more.

2 – A Modifier

Now this where the real hack comes in. Modifiers like softboxes can be expensive and inexpensive modifiers like a normal shoot through umbrellas can be too small to produce a soft quality light. Remember, golden rule of quality of light – the larger the source of light relative to the subject, the softer it is.

Keeping this principle in mind, you can buy a see-through white shower curtain. Yes, that’s right a SHOWER CURTAIN!!

The Set-Up

You just hang the shower curtain in front of the video light and BOOM! You’ve got an amazing large source of soft light.

This type pf a lighting set-up is actually very popular in the photography and videography world and is actually done using a large modifier sheet called Scrim.

Professional scrims like this one are usually recommended but they can be expensive so the shower curtain serves as an alternative.

There you go!

Cheap and does the job!

P.S – I have started the planning of my next course. It’s something that will blow your mind away. Watch out for my future emails.


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