Crazy New Generative AI Features in Photoshop

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How are you doing this Friday afternoon?

I’ve just created a new video on the latest AI features in Photoshop that are completely changing the editing game. You can watch this video on our YouTube channel using the link below:

​Latest Generative AI Features in Photoshop​

Check out the transformation below that I show in this video of one of my studio clients:

One of the most important updates now is that you can use the Generative Fill feature by giving a reference image. For instance, in the pic above, if my portrait client forgot to bring along his favorite red sneakers, then I can generate those sneakers using AI by using just a photo of those sneakers, like shown below:

Isn’t this absolutely amazing?

Usually AI features are over-hyped but I feel this particular feature can actually be really practical and helpful for photographers.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments under the video.

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