One Click Retouching Using AI (Mind Blowing)

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How are you doing this Monday afternoon?

Feeling the blues?

Don’t worry! As always, I’m here for you!

Today I have got something mind-blowing to share with you.

A one-click portrait retouching I did using AI.

This is a straight out of the camera (unedited) shot of one of my studio portrait clients:

And this is the retouched shot which I got just by a click of the mouse:

Can you believe that???

With just one click, the following things were done:

  • Her skin was smoothened out
  • Dodge and Burn was done to add depth to the skin
  • Stray hair were removed
  • Eyes were brightened
  • Colors on the skin tone were balanced out
  • The shadows on her face and hair were brightened
  • The wrinkles on her clothes were removed
  • The wrinkles on the background were removed
  • The color of the background was changed in a realistic way

If I were to do this manually, it would take me at least 30 mintues.

But AI did it with one click.

But how is it possible?

Which software am I using?

I can’t disclose that right now because currently I am doing a research on 6 different AI retouching software. This will be a one-month research and after I figure out which one is the best, I will tell you the answer in my next course.

The reason why this requires a lot of research is that these AI software are VERY expensive. I’m looking to find hacks to be able to use them in a cheap manner.

I have even been emailing the people who run these companies to do a deal with them but haven’t got any replies yet. This week I will be reaching out to them on Linkedin also.

Let’s see how it pans out!

One thing is sure though – AI IS CHANGING EVERYTHING!!!


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