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For a long time, I’ve been on the lookout for a good quality free photo background remover tool.

There are a lot of online tools which do that but most do a shabby job. However, recently, I stumbled on the following tool:

Adobe Image Background Remover

I tried it with a couple of different challenging photos and it does the job really well in removing the background. It’s literally a one click process. You upload the shot and you get the result with a transparent background.

Here is an easy example where complex hair strands are not an issue:

Also here is an example where it handles the edges around long hair well:

However, it doesn’t do a very good job in very complex images where the edges (mainly hair) are too soft and subtle, like the image below:

Here you can see that the results are not desirable as a lot of residue from the original background is left around in the hair gaps.

For complex images like these, you’ll still have to learn how to use the Select and Mask tool in Photoshop, something that I teach in my Master Selections in Photoshop course.

I hope this suggestion helps you out!

P.S – My brand new AI Video Editing and Production Course is almost complete now. I will be releasing it soon so keep an eye out for my future emails.


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